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Pediatric Hearing Care

Hearing is key to speech and language development and the basis for communication. Children are screened for hearing loss shortly after birth and are documented to have passed or not with their state’s Board of Health. 

These screenings do not always “catch” all issues that may cause children to experience hearing loss. It is of utmost importance that, if you suspect your child may have hearing loss, to discuss this concern with your pediatrician.

At South Shore Hearing Center, we have pediatric audiologists on staff and provide a full spectrum of hearing healthcare services to children of all ages. We work with families and schools to ensure we are providing full care for each child.
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Catch Your Child's Hearing Problem Early

Schedule an audiogram with the professionals at South Shore Hearing Center today to measure the exact characteristics of your child’s hearing loss. 

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“My favorite sounds are church bells and my hearing aids help me to hear them. It is very fun and wonderful going to see my audiologists. I have fun when I am there. I like it when I get to make new earmolds and choose new colors.”

– H. W., Patient (age 6)
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