Help a Loved One


Giving You Assistance With a Loved One

No one wants to see a loved one suffer. Seeing someone you care about struggle to enjoy the simple pleasures of a child’s laughter is hard. We have been helping families for over 30 years. We are here to help you!

Ways You Can Help

  • Share your concerns about their hearing with them in a kind and tactful way.
  • Encourage them to visit a hearing health professional, but don't dwell on the subject.
  • Call South Shore Hearing Center 781-337-6860 and schedule an appointment with us. Make the first step if your loved one is hesitant in making the call.
  • Accompany them to the appointment. 

Meet the Team
The best way to pick the right hearing expert
is to get to know them.

What People Say
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Talk to the Experts
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