Phonak Hearing Aids

Audeo Paradise

The Audéo Paradise hearing aid is the first to use Sonova's latest PRISM (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) sound processing chip, which unlocks various newly developed hardware and software features to help consumers rediscover the sounds around them. In any situation, the hearing aids produce clear and natural sound.

Motion sensors:

The Audéo Paradise features a groundbreaking motion sensor that supports various new hearing performance features, including knowing when you are moving and detecting whether you are receiving conversation on the left or the right.

AutoSense OS 4.0:

Designed with artificial intelligence to customize and produce superior sound quality. AutoSense OS 4.0, with its new features, effortlessly meets a wide range of connectivity needs and lifestyles.

Phonak Audeo Paradise

Dynamic Noise Cancellation:

Designed for specific challenging social environments where you want to converse with family and friends in background noise.

Speech enhancer:

Boosts soft-level speech, so you don't miss a word from your soft-spoken friends and family.

Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0:

A proprietary fitting formula that combines audibility, loudness, and sound quality. It adds a new processing algorithm to help hearing aid fitting sessions go more smoothly.

Audéo Marvel

Marvel combines all of Phonak's previous standout features, including Bluetooth, rechargeable technology, and incredible sound quality. The sound quality is excellent, and it helps people hear better in difficult situations, resulting in a significant reduction in listening effort.

Phonak Audeo Marvel

Universal smartphone connectivity: Wearers can stream stereo content from any Bluetooth system, including music, e-books, and more, thanks to universal smartphone connectivity.

Hands-free calls: The built-in microphones allow for entirely hands-free phone conversations between iPhone and Android phones, with the ability to hear the other person in both ears.

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery: Those looking for convenience will appreciate the rechargeable lithium-ion option, which provides a full day of hearing on a single overnight charge.

Remote care: You hearing professional can fine-tune the Marvel remotely using a mobile app.

Virto B-Titanium

The ultra-discreet Virto B-Titanium is one of Phonak's most discreet hearing aids. Virto B-Titanium combines the benefits of titanium with new 3D printing technology. It has a brand-new custom hearing aid with a 3D-printed titanium shell. The Virto B-Titanium is custom-made to suit your ears only.

Medical-grade titanium: This Virto B-Titanium is made of medical-grade titanium, an extremely strong, light, and long-lasting material.

Settings based on location: The Autosense OS monitors your surroundings every 0.4 seconds and can tell whether you're in a car, a concert hall, or at home. The system then adjusts your hearing settings to fit the environment you're in.

Built to last: An IP68 rating ensures that the device is resistant to both water and dust.

The Virto B-Titanium has earned several accolades, including a CES 2019 Innovation Award Honoree in the 3D Printing category, a prestigious Red Dot Award for product design, and an international Gold Stevie® Award for Best New Product or Service of the Year in the Health & Pharmaceutical industry.

Virto B