Hearing Aids 101

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Which Hearing Aid Is Best for You

Hearing aids have come so far over the years. Technology changes have allowed hearing aids to be almost invisible, comfortable to wear and discreet. We can help you chose what is right for your lifestyle and budget.

We have all the options here at South Shore Hearing Center. We will find the best solution for you!

Also, today's hearing aids offer wireless connectivity through your smartphone. 
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The Truth About Hearing Aids

  • Your hearing aids should be comfortable with respect to the physical fit and the sound level. Let your audiologist know if there is any discomfort. 
  • South Shore Hearing Center audiologists are educated and trained to dispense the hearing aids you need. We will continuously work with each patient to provide the best fit.
  • Everyone has trouble hearing in background noise at one time or another. Hearing aids will reduce the effect that background noise has on your ability to communicate. There are no hearing aids that will eliminate background noise.
Hearing aid

Does Insurance Cover Hearing Aids?

Most insurance companies will pay for the diagnostic evaluation. Every insurance is different therefore we will check with your carrier to determine if there is a benefit. 

As for adults, Medicare does not cover hearing aids. Diagnostic evaluations are covered if they are ordered by a physician to assist in developing a treatment plan. 

There may be options for assistance in paying for hearing aids. Please ask us if you are in need of this information.

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“A visit with Dr. David Citron and his caring staff is always pleasant and informative. Having worn amplification for over 15 years, I love their loaner plan that allows me a replacement while mine is being repaired.”

– L. E., Patient
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