For more than 35 years, South Shore Hearing Center has been improving the lives of those with hearing loss on and around the South Shore. Led by Owner/audiologist Jennifer Mayer, all of our health professionals are doctors of Audiology, meaning we provide only the best advice and care for your hearing needs.

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    South Shore Hearing Center
    541 Main St, Suite 418
    South Weymouth, MA 02190

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    Tel: 781-337-6860

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    Office Hours (By Appointment Only)
    Monday - Thursday: 9am – 5pm
    Saturday – Appointment Only
    Sunday – Closed
    *Hours for Premium Care Clean & Checks by Appointment Only

Here are some of the services offered by us:

  • Hearing aid fittings: Many people overlook just how vital a fitting is to hearing treatment. Only a professional fitting will provide the best hearing experience, no matter which hearing aid we are using. 
  • Hearing aid repair: Is your battery door hinge broken, or is your device's sound distorted? Why not take it to us! We have experience repairing all kinds of hearing ai models. 
  • Balance disorder testing: Feeling off-balance or dizzy could be a sign of hearing loss. We provide a comprehensive evaluation to identify and treat any balance issues you may have. 
  • Hearing tests: From pure-tone to speech recognition tests, we conduct a full range of hearing assessments.
  • Tinnitus therapy: Are you battling a ringing in the ears? It could be tinnitus. Come and speak to us to learn about what we can do to help bring relief.
  • Earwax management: Impacted earwax can lead to dizziness and hearing loss. We have the tools and know-how to remove any blockages from your ear professionally.
  • Hearing aid batteries and accessories: We sell a range of hearing accessories and batteries. Why not browse our online store, or visit us to see what we have in store?

We are located in the Stetson Medical Center in South Weymouth, MA. Parking is located across from Front Street.

Are you ready to get going on the path to better hearing? Contact us today at 781-337-6860.