When to Get New Hearing Aids

When to Get New Hearing Aids

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Have you been thinking about upgrading to a pair of new hearing aids? If you’ve had hearing aids for a while, you might be wondering when it’s time to get new devices. You’ve noticed that hearing aid technology has changed in recent years, and you think you may be happier with new devices. Below are some of our best suggestions on knowing when it’s time to get new hearing aids.

You Struggle to Follow Conversations

If you have been wearing hearing aids for a while, but have started to have difficulty hearing, it may be time to get new hearing aids. Hearing changes over time, and if you haven’t had a hearing test in a couple of years, your hearing could have worsened more than you realize. Your hearing aids were programed to match your hearing needs at the time you purchased your devices, but if your hearing needs have changed, they may not be keeping up.

One of the first signs that your hearing aids may not be serving you very well is that you struggle to follow conversations. As your hearing changes, you will have a harder time understanding people. If you’ve noticed that you struggle to follow conversations, book a hearing test to reassess your level of hearing loss and hearing needs. But don’t throw out your old devices! Depending on how much your hearing has changed, your current hearing aids could be reprogramed to match your current needs, and you’ll get all the perks of new devices without the price tag.

You’ve Started a New Career or Hobby

Your hearing devices are tailored to meet your hearing needs, and are programmed to help you hear during your daily activities. If you’re recently had a change in lifestyle, such as starting a new career, picking up a new hobby, retiring, or welcoming a new family member, your hearing needs may have changed. New social activities, or more meetings at the office could change what you need from your hearing aids, and if your devices can’t keep up with your life, it’s time to get new hearing aids. Be attentive to your hearing needs, and pay attention to what settings are the most challenging. If you spend a lot of your day straining to hear, it’s time to get new devices.

You can choose between a range of sleek and sophisticated hearing aids that sit snuggly behind the ear, or you may opt for a hearing device that sits inside the ear canal and matches your active lifestyle, while still being comfortable after many hours of wear. You can find hearing devices that help you hear in noise, in a conference room, or during outdoor activities. Whatever your changing needs, you’ll find a device that can match your lifestyle.

You’re Interested in High-Tech Hearing Aids

Another great reason to get new hearing aids is high-tech hearing technology. Just like smartphones and computers have changed drastically in the last 5 years, hearing technology has also improved in leaps and bounds. If your hearing aids are a few years old, you might be missing out on some amazing technology, like direct streaming and the best in connectivity that allows you to effortlessly hear phone calls, music, audio, the TV, and even email notifications or driving directions. Many hearing devices can be controlled using smartphone apps, and if you’ve been struggling with changing the batteries of your devices, you can now find many rechargeable hearing aids that don’t require disposable batteries!

Hearing aids are getting smarter every day, and today’s hearing aids can scan the listening environment, reduce distracting background noise, and help you focus on important speech sounds. They’re able to provide clear hearing and minimal listening effort, and help you hear regardless of where you are.

Your Hearing Aids aren’t Functioning

One of the most obvious reasons to get new hearing aids is that your current hearing aids aren’t functioning well. Hearing aids usually last between four to six years, and after this time they’ll start to show some wear and tear, need lots of repairs, or malfunction more often. If your hearing aids aren’t working, it’s time to get new devices.

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