When Should I Update My Hearing Aids?

When Should I Update My Hearing Aids?

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Jennifer G. Mayer, Au.D., CCC-A

Modern technology, life changes, hearing changes, they all could come together to mean you need updated hearing aids. The best thing to do is schedule an exam and consultation at South Shore Hearing Center and we can help you decide.
First, let’s look at a few things.

Are your hearing aids doing the job?

Hearing aids are exposed to a lot of things. There are ear conditions like wax and moisture and then environmental  conditions like water, dust and debris. Some people can go five years without even getting their hearing aids serviced. Some need them cleaned every few months.

So, are they doing the job you want? Are you able to carry on phone conversations without asking someone to repeat themselves and straining to hear? Are you getting feedback outside or in certain situations? Can you understand a conversation in a large area with lots of background noise? Are you adjusting your hearing aids frequently? Is there static? Are your batteries letting you down that they need more frequent charging? If you answered ‘yes’ to several of these questions, it may be time to look at an upgrade.

Life situation changes?

Has your home life changed? Are there new people whose conversational tones you are having trouble with? Are you in an assisted living situation where you have large activity areas and different conversational areas?

Maybe you have a new job? Are you working in a larger office with more background noise? Or a cubicle where there seems to be some echoing or noise bouncing off the partitions? Do you have to use different phone or electronic equipment and you can’t seem to get your hearing aids adjusted correctly?

Using the hands free option in your car more? Newer hearing devices are a lot better at separating out sounds you need to hear and concentrate on from the background noise.

How about other changes?

Perhaps you have decided you’d like to exercise outdoors more or maybe you’ve decided swimming or aquatic exercise is “your thing.” Maybe you have a new companion that likes live theatre performances or movies. There are hearing aids that have coatings that will protect them from outdoor elements and help with outdoor wind noise.

There are hearing devices that are adaptable to large areas because they have directional microphones. Have you gotten a new computer or television and you wish you had the streaming feature on your hearing aids?

Have you changed your hair and you are ready for something that goes a little more in your ear or maybe a different color? While that may seem frivolous – it’s not. You change your glasses to keep up the confidence in your appearance – why wouldn’t you change your hearing aids, too?

Modern technology is awesome

Newer hearing aids can interface with your smart phone, MP3 player, FM systems, your computer, you iPod, or iPad or your television. You can stream music from an iphone or other media device to your hearing aids and your hearing aids will save the settings, so they don’t have to be re-adjusted every time.

You can use new hearing devices like Blue Tooth so you won’t be fumbling to answer a phone call. Newer hearing aids have GPS so if you’ve had to adjust the settings every time you go to church or an outdoor concert, you won’t have to do that anymore. Your hearing aid will “remember” the setting and automatically reset it.

If tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is something you struggle with, the new hearing aids have built in tinnitus therapy and you can adjust the programs to what works for you. You can even get a “find my hearing aid” app for your phone!

All right, all this new technology stuff may seem a little intimidating, but the new hearing aids have all sorts of helpful information you can access on your phone. There are helplines and some of them even have updates that stream directly to your hearing aid, so you don’t have to pop into the office.

That doesn’t mean we don’t want to see you here at South Shore Hearing Center.
We are happy to adjust your hearing aids and check them over to make sure they are working properly. Call today to discuss a hearing aid update and get an updated hearing exam.