Balance Disorders Causing You Problems?

Control your body’s movement and position easily and comfortably. Any disturbance places you at an increased risk of falls and injury. If you are feeling a sense of being off-balance or dizzy, call us to schedule a full work up.

What is a Balance Disorder?

Are you feeling unsteady? Do you have the sensation that your world is spinning? You may have vertigo. These episodes can happen with a certain movement while sitting, standing, or laying down. They can be brief episodes lasting a minute or have a longer duration.

Many people have episodes of dizziness every now and then. Severe or prolonged episodes should be evaluated.

Balance Disorder Causes

Your balance system is made up of a complex network within your inner ear but, in works in conjunction with other systems such as vision. These neurological components work together so your body can maintain balance.

Do you suffer from dizziness?

Take the balance disorders questionnaire.


Testing for Balance Disorder

Diagnosing the cause of your balance issues is difficult and requires a full diagnostic evaluation. At South Shore Hearing Center, we will perform a combination of the following tests to assist in an accurate diagnosis:

  • A detailed history Full diagnostic audiological evaluation
  • Hallpike and Epley maneuvers
  • Video Nystagmography (VNG

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