Why Choose South Shore Hearing Center?

Providing top of line quality care to our community for over 30 years!

Reason 1

Hearing Professionals

Reason 2

Patient satisfaction is our top priority.

Reason 3

We have highly educated and well-trained Doctors of Audiology ready to help get you back to living a full life.
Hearing Consultation

Reason 4

We have been serving this community since 1982 and have helped thousands hear well.

Reason 5

We have been working in conjunction with other medical professionals for over 30 years. Chances are your doctor refers to us.

Reason 6

We are trained by the major hearing aid manufacturers to ensure we are providing a complete line up of hearing solutions.

Reason 7

We offer exceptional follow-up care and personalized service.
Hearing Test

Reason 8

Our hearing health care providers specialize in hearing loss, tinnitus, balance and pediatric care to provide a full-service clinic.

Reason 9

You will be greeted by the friendliest faces the moment you walk in the door.
Family playing with their dog

Reason 10

We love helping people reconnect with loved ones.